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  Glassware offers - Freya coloured glass

Outstanding Glassware!

We hope you enjoy this collection of outstanding glassware. We've tried to include something for everyone whether it's these beautiful coloured Freya glasses or the wonderfully stylish glass vases, bowls, decanters and cocktail glasses.

We are committed to providing quality and value for money to all of our customers and we recognise the demand for modern, stylish glassware for your home.

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Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses Turquoise Jug and Wine Glass Orb glass bowls Sale Items
Unbreakable glass Stemware and Suites

Stemware & Suites

Campanillo Short, Campanillo Tall, Yola Stems, Hollow Stem Flutes, Olivia, Sophia, Lara, Iona, Iona Bowls, Izzi Tumbler, Izzi Flute, Izzi Wine, Freya 1, Freya 2, Cobalt, Freya Suite Red, Gio, Infinity, Moya, Una, Lincoln, Oasis, Pyramid, Barcelona, Nicola

Bowls and Vases

Bowls & Vases

Globe Vases, City Colours 20x5x5, City Colours 15x10x5, Rico Vases, Locarno Bowls, Coloured Cubes, Viola Vases, Cube Vases, Column Vases, Column Bowls, City Vases, Siena, Torino Vases, Geo Bowls, Flo Bowls, Coloured Cube Vases, Arosa Vases, AvaThread, Iona Bowls, Orb Chequer Vases, Oval Bowls, Cascade, Miro, Ronda Bowls, Orb Multi Chequer Bowl, Nautilus Jars, Paris, Lola Vases, Moya Bowls, Moya Vases, Zani Bowls

  Tumblers and Tots

Tumblers and Tots

Concentric, Mare, Triana, Olivia, Izzi Tumbler, Una, Yola, Barcelona, Pyramid, Lara, Gio, Moya, Elba, Cobalt, Freya

Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass

City Colours 20x5x5, City Colours 15x10x5, Nautilus Jar, Coloured Cube Vases, Elba, Miro, Nicola Suite, Freya Red Blobs and Stripes, Orb Multi Chequer Bowl, Orb Chequer Vases, Izzi Wine, Izzi Flute., Izzi Tumbler, AvaThread, Izzi Tealight Holders, Colette Tealight Holders, Zani Bowls, Cobalt Glass

  Jugs and Decanters

Jugs, Decanters & Ice Buckets

Hanna Jugs, Leon Ice & Champagne Buckets, Nautilus Jars, Moya, Basis Clear Jugs, Mansion Jugs, LSA Decanters

Tealight Holders and Ashtrays

Candles/Tealight Holders and Ashtrays

Izzi Tealight Holders, Colette Tealight Holders, Soho Ashtrays, Klara and Portico



Jugs, Tumblers & Hiballs, Stemware

Sale Items

Sale Items

Ronda Bowls, Nicola, Zani Bowls, Nautilus Jars, Rogaska Square Diamond, Julia, Cascade, Orbit, Oval Bowls, Anna Vases, Ciara., Royal Doulton Cut Lead Crystal 1., Royal Doulton Cut Lead Crystal 2.


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